ADHD Awareness Activities

by Circle Editor on September 27, 2010

Awesome ADHD Awareness Activities

As ADHD coaches, we are acutely aware of ADHD and its impact on our clients. But not everyone shares our level of awareness. September 13-17, 2010 was ADHD Awareness Week, a now annual time set aside during which we can join others in raising awareness of ADHD in the public’s eye. Key ADHD-related organizations put together a variety of materials to help promote ADHD Awareness. Many of these resources can be used to promote ADHD Awareness not only during ADHD Awareness Week, but year round. Take a look!


CHADD put together an ADHD Awareness toolkit for its local chapters, consisting of:

  • Step-by-step strategies for organizing and publicizing an event: oh so easy!
  • Fliers and handouts for distribution: just print and go!
  • Links to CHADD’s media toolkit and online membership tool kit
  • A link to CHADD’s marvelous 2007 ADHD Awareness Day video featuring Tom Brown Ph.D., Edward Hallowell, M.D., Russell Barkley, Ph.D. and CHADD Awardee David Neeleman.


ADDitude Magazine has compiled a phenomenal list of resources focusing on promoting local, national and international recognition that ADHD is real and is here to stay! Here are some examples:

  • 7 Myths About ADD… Debunked!
  • Act Locally
  • Coping With Skeptics
  • Speaking Up for ADHD
  • Tell the World About ADD
  • Explaining ADHD to Doubters
  • Everyday Ways to Be an ADHD Advocate

And, don’t miss the handout “25 Things to Love about ADHD” – that’s one we all need!


The website of the ADHD Coaches Organization (ACO) has two sections addressing ADHD Awareness week. The first lists a variety of suggested strategies for increasing ADHD awareness in one’s community. Among these are the following:

  • Write an article or make an announcement in your own e-newsletters and blogs and
  • Include a brief announcement about ADHD Awareness Week in your e-signature.

The second section includes links to:

  • An exciting ADHD Awareness poster reading as follows: “ADHD is Real. There is Hope. Where’s the Help?” and an article
  • “7 Myths about ADHD Debunked” and

A toolkit available to member coaches, with the following useful contents:

  • ADHD Statistics
  • Sample Press Release
  • Sample PSA
  • Sample Features Editor Letter
  • ADHD Is REAL: Poster, and an article
  • What ADHD Coaches Can Do: ADHD Awareness 2010


The Attention Deficit Disorder Association’s webpage on ADHD Awareness Day includes quotations from several notable ADDers, a link to longer essays about ADHD and most impressively, a link to the following fantastic resource …..


This website is a great single resource for consumers looking for help. (Don’t miss it!)

Altogether, these organizations have supplied more than enough awesome ADHD Awareness activity resources to keep us busy promoting ADHD Awareness until next year’s new awareness resources roll around! It’s not too early to prepare for next year.

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