Friends in Need – #oneof15M

by Circle Editor on March 1, 2015

By Sarah D. Wright, Editor It will have been hard to miss the rollout of CHADD’s #oneof15M social media and fund raising campaign. We should all be paying attention. WHY? Because CHADD was formed in 1987 by a small group of parents in Florida who felt frustrated, isolated, and unsupported. Many people, including clinicians and […]

The “Aha!” Moment

by President ACO on March 1, 2015

By Joyce Kubik, President I’ve been attending ACO conferences for six years now and every year there is another “Aha!” moment experience. Being a seasoned coach, that “Aha!” moment could be something new I learned that would benefit my clients. But, more often than not, it is learning that my colleagues and I have the […]

Announcing our Conference Speakers and latest Sponsors

by Conference Chair on March 1, 2015

By Michel Fitos and Sherri Cannon, Conference Co-Chairs In medieval days, a codega [co-dee-gah] walked ahead with a lantern, lighting the path especially when the road ahead was uncharted territory. Like the codega, today’s ADHD Coaches walk alongside clients, illuminating hidden strengths that were there all the time; shining light on limiting beliefs so that […]

The AEC Model for ADHD Coaching

by Circle Editor on March 1, 2015

By Cameron Gott, PCC, Guest Contributor Don’t you love it when your ADHD clients have amazing awareness light-bulb moments? The AEC Model helps clients create a practice of awareness that provides value BEYOND that first enthusiastic flash of light. I use the AEC Coaching Model with all of my clients to help them develop the […]

By Elizabeth Ahmann, ScD, RN, ACC, Research Committee Mindfulness was a hot topic at the CHADD Conference as well as at Learning and the Brain’s conference this year. And it’s no wonder! Two recent research studies have examined mindfulness training related to ADHD, both showing benefits – adding to the growing evidence base for this […]

By Sarah D. Wright, Editor Catherine Pietrow writes that she was recently featured in an article in the Poughkeepsie Journal. The article was titled Roadblocks in life can be signs of disorder, and helped raise awareness about adult ADHD and coaching. Congratulations on getting the word out in your community! Catherine can be reached at […]

Welcome New and Returning Members
in February 2015

by Circle Editor on March 1, 2015

By Christopher Mulhare, Membership Chair Here we welcome new and returning members of the ACO and acknowledge our growing international community of ADHD coaches and supporters. Here I am also inviting you–and every member of the ACO–to bring more professionals who have any interaction with people with ADHD into our ACO community. Expose more people […]