Introducing Our New Programs Chair

by President ACO on April 1, 2015

By Joyce Kubik, President Spring has truly arrived here in Ohio! And it’s the season for growth and new and refreshing ideas. Of course, where will you find more refreshing ideas than at our 10th Anniversary of the ACO at the conference in Phoenix. Need CEUs? This is the place to get them. Want to […]

Membership Survey Results

by Circle Editor on April 1, 2015

Dear ACO Members, Do you remember the membership surveys you completed at the turn of the year? We got a 40% response rate (not bad, coaches)! Your answers have helped clarify the direction the Board needs to take to better support you through your membership benefits. We know everyone is busy, so we’ll tell you […]

A Review of Online Scheduling Tools

by Circle Editor on April 1, 2015

By Victoria Roche, MSW, PCC, Guest Contributor In January, there was an interesting discussion on the ACO listserv about online scheduling tools. These tools can be of tremendous benefit to both ADHD Coaches and their clients. Based on the online conversation, I have summarized just a few of the popular options for your consideration, and […]

By Elizabeth Ahmann, ScD, RN, ACC, Research Committee “My son’s teachers tell me he spends too much of the time daydreaming in class.” “I try to do the reading for my college classes, but so often my mind just wanders.” “I m having some trouble at work because my mind keeps wandering during meetings and […]

By Sarah D. Wright, Editor Coach Lynn Miner-Rosen, M.Ed., BCC, regularly lines up a couple of public speaking gigs a month. Coming up on her schedule are presentations to the Smithtown New York School District Parent University, the North Babylon New York Parent University, the ACO Conference, the Long Island Chapter of ICF, and a […]

Welcome New and Returning Members
in March 2015

by Membership on April 1, 2015

By Christopher Mulhare, Membership Chair Here we welcome new and returning members of the ACO and acknowledge our growing international community of ADHD coaches and supporters. Here I am also inviting you–and every member of the ACO–to bring more professionals who have any interaction with people with ADHD into our ACO community. Expose more people […]

Friends in Need – #oneof15M

by Circle Editor on March 1, 2015

By Sarah D. Wright, Editor It will have been hard to miss the rollout of CHADD’s #oneof15M social media and fund raising campaign. We should all be paying attention. WHY? Because CHADD was formed in 1987 by a small group of parents in Florida who felt frustrated, isolated, and unsupported. Many people, including clinicians and […]